MyT'Mill for Windows

Simple but powerful CAM software

Mercury Redstone model  (Penrose) - National Scale Model Competition Winner.
"You might want to visit my web site at to see what I have done with the Sherline based CNC mill package I bought from you. The "1/12 Scale Mercury kit" is a good place to start (the entire "corrugated skin" of the capsule was done with the mill and MyT'Mill software... it was milled flat in 6 pie-shaped sections which were joined to form a "master" from which a rubber mold was made. The skin is cast in resin and then "rolled" while still "green" to form the conical capsule). Also, if you'll look under "Scale" and then "NARAM 42 Mercury Redstone" not only is the finished capsule presented in detail there but all the rivets on the booster were "punched" from the backside of very thin self-adhesive plastic using the mill and your software." - John Pursley