MyT'Mill for Windows

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Customer Gallery

Here's a cool plastic gearbox and aluminum impeller
Here's some neat 3D machined parts
A scientific instrument panel
Some CNC router parts
Dicing Machine for slicing up crystals for the optics industry
Check out the detail in this award winning Mercury Capsule replica!
Microwave guide cavities
Here are a few parts that have been machined with MyT'Mill.  At the top is a name plate engraved in walnut style plastic.  The letters came from "word art" in Microsoft Publisher and pasted into AutoCAD.  The letter "E" was cut from 1/2" acrylic in a single pass.   Other parts include milled 1/8" and 3/8" thick aluminum plates, wooden letters, a plastic clip-art flower and rhinoceros, an engraved circuit board for a school project , and an airfoil section for a model airplane wing.   At bottom left is a clip-art helicopter engraved in a brass plate. Clip art images are easily converted to DXF files which MyT'Mill for Windows can read.