MyT'Mill for Windows

Simple but powerful CAM software

Here's some cool 3D parts made by a MyT'Mill customer in Holland.  The letter  below explains how he did it.


Dear Sir, 

I have download and installed your latest version [of MyT'Mill for Windows] and it works great.

The maximum mill speed was 100mm/min, now I can mill with 130 mm/min and I am very pleased with that.

Enclosed two pictures; picture one shows three products I have made, picture two, how I made them.

First I draw it in Acad 14, then saved it as stl-file. Second I load it in the program named Deskproto, who made the milling travels and than MyTíMill do the rest. 


Gert-Jan Droogers
Vogelplein 28
2802CJ Gouda